Born in 1999, as the underground offspring of studio partners Chris Liebing and Andre Walter, their legendary Stigmata-Series has become a unique and widespread driving force in the global techno scene. 5 years after the last stigmata release the story continues! There have been rumours eversince the last release if and when there will be new stigmas, and some announcement on the label-hompeage gave the expectations again another push. Facing the change in music- and especially techno-style during the last years, one could not be sure if the drive and power of the “original” stigmata-series could be preserved. And, after the first beats: it has been preserved, and not only preserved, consequently developed. The unique stigmata-stlye in nowaday’s fashion, hard, dark, mystic. The first release, STIGMA12, called “1st Key of Henoch” comes courtesy of Andre Walter.

Andre Walter – 1st Key Of Henoch

Label: Stigmata Records

Genero: Techno


A1 Untitled (Stigma 12) 05:14
A2 Untitled (Stigma 12) 06:54
B1 Untitled (Stigma 12) 06:13
B2 Untitled (Stigma 12) 07:11